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Love Like Jesus

What You Need: Love Like Jesus” activity page, BAND-AIDs, heart stickers, toy stickers, and food stickers (If you don’t have stickers, you can print pictures online!)

What You Do: 

During the Activity: Give your child an Activity Page, a BAND-AID, and one of each of the stickers. Encourage your child to place all of the stickers and the BAND-AID around the picture of Jesus.

What You Say: 

Before the Activity: “Let’s love like Jesus!”

During the Activity: “Here is a picture of Jesus. (Hold up.) Let’s put a BAND-AID on the picture to show that we can love one another by helping them when they are hurt. (Do activity.) Now let’s place a food sticker on the picture to show that we can love someone by giving them food. (Continue activity.) Great job! Now we can place a toy sticker (hold up) and a heart sticker (hold up) on the picture to show that we can love one another by sharing.”

After the Activity: “Awesome job! We can follow Jesus by showing love to one another. Who can you follow? [Bottom Line] I can follow Jesus!”

Get Well Greetings

What You Need: “Get Well” activity page, heart stickers (heart pictures from Google if you don’t have stickers), and crayons

What You Do: 

During the Activity: Point out the words on the front of the card. Encourage your child to decorate the back of the card with the supplies provided.

What You Say:

Before the Activity: “Today we’re going to make some special cards for people in the hospital. It’s so nice to show love to someone when they aren’t feeling well! On the front of this card, it says, ‘Love one another!’ Let’s show some love by decorating the back of our cards, and then we’ll give them to people who are in the hospital to show we are thinking about them and that we love them.”

After the Activity: “These are beautiful. I know they will make so many people feel so loved. Thank you for helping make these special cards today. Making a card for someone is just one way to show love. We’ll hear more about how Jesus loves in our Bible story today. Let’s go!”

(You may drop off your cards in the breezeway at the Team Space and we will give them to the hospitals!)

Party Time!

What You Need: Tablecloth; party hats; Bible; treat or toys to share; napkins (optional)

What You Do:

  • Cover your Small Group area with the tablecloth.
  • Encourage the kids to wear their party hats.
  • Set the treats or toys in the center of the tablecloth, but do not allow the kids to touch them yet.
  • Talk about the choices the older brother in our story made today.
    • How did the father react when his son returned? (He forgave him and threw a huge party to celebrate his son’s return)
    • Where was the older brother when the younger son returned? (Working in the field)
    • How did the older brother react when he found out that the party was for his younger brother who’d returned home? (He was angry)
    • What did the older brother say to the father? (“All these years I have worked, I’ve obeyed. You’ve never thrown me a party.”)
    • Why do you think the older brother was SO mad? Can you relate to this?
    • Why do you think the father celebrated in such a big way?
  • Pass out the treats or toys for the kids to enjoy.
  • As they finish, collect their hats to be used during the prayer activity.

What You Say:

“I can relate to the older brother in this story. He’s right; he was the one who had stayed, the one who worked hard and honored his dad. But he missed out. Because he thought it was more important to be right than to forgive, he missed the opportunity to celebrate his brother’s return. Sometimes we do the same thing. We want to make a point or prove that we’re right and the other person is wrong. But in the end, your friendship is WAY more important than winning an argument. We need to offer forgiveness when someone apologizes and means it. Because [Bottom Line] when you don’t forgive, you miss out.”

Just For Fun

What You Need: Offering container, two sets of “FORGIVE” cups (Each cup has a different letter on them), 14 crumbled paper balls, masking tape

What You Do:

  • Divide into two teams (if possible)
  • Create a line on the floor with masking tape and tell your kids to stand behind the line.
  • Line up a set of FORGIVE cups in front of each child, about seven feet from the line.
    • Cups should be set upright and in order so they spell “FORGIVE.”
  • Each team tries to throw one ball in each of the cups.
  • If a ball misses the cup, kids retrieve it.
  •  There should be a continuous flow of balls going towards the cups as kids try to be the first team to land a ball in each of the 7 cups.
  • Note: Depending on the skill level required, you may need to adjust the distance of each team to the cups. 

What You Say:

“That was a fun game. But you know what isn’t fun? LOSING! [Transition]  What we can lose if we choose not to forgive?” 


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